Alicia Johns is a former student of Malory Towers.

Basic Information Edit

Alicia has three brothers called Sam, Dick and Roger and they are all roughly the same age. She also has a younger cousin named June, who started at Malory Towers when she was 15. Alica started at Malory Towers in her first year, and was placed into North Tower. Alicia is the best friend of Betty Hill and is friendly with all the other girls in her form, (apart from Gwendoline Lacey.) Alicia is excellent at her lessons, and is often deemed as lucky, because she has the ability to waste her time in class playing the fool, and still get very good grades. Alicia is the one of the most popular girls in her form, because of her ability to play tricks. In her second form, Alicia gets jealous of her classmate, Sally Hope, because she was chosen to be head girl, instead of her. When Alicia is in her fourth year, she fails the School Certificate exam, due to the fact she became infected with measles. Alicia later retakes the exam, and passes, in her fifth year.

After graduating from Malory Towers Alicia goes on to University with Darrell, Sally and Betty. She eventually becomes a member of the Police Force.

Personality and Traits Edit

Alicia is portrayed as smart, brave, playful, sharp-minded, daring, chatty, loud and cheerful.

Alicia's darker traits are largely noticed throughout the series, as she is quite hard-hearted and sharp-tounged and uncaring. Alicia is also very determined and bumptitous. However, she can be caring.