Bonnie Meadows
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Brown
School information
Tower North Tower
Year joined Third Form
Other information
Personality Shrewd



Bonnie Meadows is one of Felicity River's schoolmates in Malory Towers. Her first appearance was in New Term by Pamela Cox. In her books, Bonnie is shown to be spoiled and pretty, but she is also shown to be decent, kind and shrewd. Bonnie has enormous brown eyes, rosebud mouth and brown curls. She is doll-like and pretty.

Background Edit

Personality Edit

Bonnie first appears as the neighbor to Felicity Rivers. Felicity used to despise her, because of Bonnie endlessly tagging on to her and Susan. Silly Bonnie doesn't seem to notice this, however, and attempts to become Felicity's best friend, showing jealousy to Susan. She also seems to want to do anything for Felicity, for she agreed at once when Felicity asked her as a favor to make friends with Amy. Bonnie seems to like Amy and shows dislike for Veronica. Veronica has been despicable to Bonnie at some points and was jealous of her as she was suspecting that Amy was starting to like her. This is very similar in Malory Towers: Second Form, when Gwendoline was jealous of Mary-Lou when she sensed Daphne was beginning to be fond of her.

However, Bonnie cries a good deal. She is pretty, and sweet-faced, so she had been spoiled, and most of the mistresses loved her. Only Mam'zelle Dupont, Miss Linnie and Mr. Young were taken in by Bonnie. Bonnie is also shown to be good at sewing. In Winter Term, Olive Witherspoon was shown to be jealous of Bonnie because of her pretty face. Bonnie has a kind heart, as it was she who explained to Mr. Witherspoon that Annabel, Olive's step-sister, was being spiteful and dishonest. Bonnie is also obstinate, and has confidence in herself. She can make friends easily, and she has spent most of her life with adults, for when she was young she was too ill and delicate to go to school. In New Term, it shows she has never been swimming in her life. In the forth form, Bonnie talked to Anabel, Olive's step-sisters, and she learns that Olive is so sour because of Anabel, and she stands up for Olive.

When she was in the third form, and Julie's horse, Jack got lost, her and June worked together and found the culprit. She also past higher cert just to prove something to June, a cheeky companion, and when she starts something she always finishes it, a sign of great determination which people should try to achieve. In all, Bonnie Meadows is an admirable character by the time that she has finished her time at Malory Towers.