Darrell Rivers
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Brown
School information
Tower North
Year joined First Form
Other information
Personality Hot tempered




Appearances First Term at Malory Towers

Second Form at Malory Towers

Third Year at Malory Towers

Upper Fourth at Malory Towers

In the Fifth at Malory Towers

Last Term at Malory Towers

New Term at Malory Towers

Goodbye Malory Towers

Darrell Rivers is a kind, loyal, trustworthy, jolly young lady. She has a younger sister named Felicity, who comes to Malory Towers when Darrell starts her fourth year. In Darrell's first year she is sorted into the North Tower.

Darrell Rivers is the older sister of Felicity, by at least three years. Darrell first started at Malory Towers when she was twelve and was sorted into North Tower. She is also the best friend of Sally Hope, and is close with all the other girls in her dorm, (apart from Gwendoline Mary, but however she later becomes closer to her in later in life.) Darrell is very good at all of her lessons, (apart from when she plays the fool with Alicia, during classes,) and has a special talent for playing lacrosse. Darrell is quite a popular girl in her form and is known as one of the main leaders of her form.  In her fourth year, Darrell was chosen to be head girl of her form, but later resigned, after she lost her temper. When Darrell got into her last year, she was selected head girl of the whole school.


Darrell is described as keen, loyal, straight-forward, level-headed, trustworthy, honest, sensible, responsible and kind, with a good sense of humour

But, when provoked or angered, Darrell nearly always loses her fiery temper. When losing her temper, Darrell often reacts violently, by either fighting, shoving, shaking and hitting. But once, her temper has gone, Darrell is always ashamed of her behaviour and always apoligises. When she reaches her sixth form, she learns to control her temper and so she barely loses her temper.

Later on, when she graduates from Malory Towers, Darrell goes to St Andrews University with Sally, Alicia and Betty. Whilst at University, she studies writing and later becomes a journalist, for the newspapers.


Darrell has a brown hair and brown eyes. Often mistaken for Alicia. She wears the typical uniform of Malory Towers that all girls wear. Alicia describes her of having an angry glint in her eye when she was in fourth form.