Felicity Rivers is a student at Malory Towers. She is Darrell's younger sister.

Basic Information Edit

Felicity is the younger sister of Darrell, by at least three years. She first started at Malory Towers, when Darrell was in the fourth form, and like her sister, she was lived in North Tower. She used to be friends with June Johns before June sneaked on Darrell and her form having a midnight feast under the pretense of 'owning up' causing Darrell to lose her position as head-girl. She is now best friends with Susan Blake and is close friends with all the other girls in her dorm. Felicity is very good at her lessons, and takes a shine to sports, such as: tennis, lacrosse and swimming. Felicity is a very popular girl in herform and is often seen as one of the main leaders alongside June and Susan, with everyone looking up to her. When Felicty reached her last year at Malory Towers, she was made head girl of the whole school, with Susan being her deputy.

Personality and Traits Edit

Felicity is described as being a kind-hearted, compassionate, confident and level-headed girl.

In her first few years at Malory Towers, Felicity was rather shy and not very confident, as she had been always overshadowed by her older sister, Darrell. But when she was in the third form, she was elected head girl of the third form, by Miss Potts,(teacher of the first form, and head of North Tower,) Miss Parker, (teacher of the second form,) and Miss Peters, (teacher of the third form.)

Malory Towers

First of the series written by Pamela Cox

As Felicity took charge of the third form, her confidence and self-belief began to grow quickly.

When Felicity graduated from Malory Towers, she went on to University with Susan, June and Freddie, to train to be a family doctor

Physical Appearance Edit

Felicity has short, ginger hair, and brownish grey eyes which were almost always dancing.