Gwendoline Mary Lacey
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Pale blue
School information
Tower North
Year joined First Form
Other information
Personality Spoilt

Deceitful,Selfish and lazy, Untruthful and a Hypocrite Unfortunate

Appearances First Term at Malory Towers

Second Form at Malory Towers

Third Year at Malory Towers

Upper Fourth at Malory Towers

In the Fifth at Malory Towers

Last Term at Malory Towers

Goodbye, Malory Towers

Basic informationEdit

Gwendoline or Gwen is often described as selfish, lazy, conceited, hypocritical, spoilt, deceitful, determined and very clever when she badly wants her own way.

Gwendoline is an only child and is repeatedly spoiled by her Mother and her old governess Mrs Winter. This is why Gwendoline frequently displays all of her bad traits, and she is idealized and believed with every word she says.

Gwendoline first starts at Malory Towers in the same form as Darrell Rivers, and is sorted into North Tower. Through out her years at Malory Towers, Gwendoline never had a proper friend, and only ever tried to make friends with those who were rich, beautiful and important. Classic examples of this are Daphne Turner in the second form and Clarissa Carter in the fourth form. On several occasions she also used people too, like Mary-Lou in the first form, when she wanted to frame Darrell and Alicia for playing spiteful tricks on Mary-Lou, so that they would get in trouble. Gwendoline is disliked by most people in her dorm and form, and she has a strong rivalry with Darrell, Alicia and Sally. Gwendoline doesn't really try hard in her classes, and often slacks. She was very behind in the fourth form, and there for tried her hardest to miss the School Cert exam, by pretending that she was ill with a weak heart. Gwendoline always hoped that she'd be nominated head girl of her form, but this never happened for Gwendoline's bad character. However, in her final and last year at Malory Towers, Gwendoline's father became extremely ill, and doctors were uncertain if he would live. Her father became sick from too much stress and anxiety which Gwendoline had given him from during the hollidays, when he disagreed on sending her too a finishing school in Switzerland. This made Gwendoline realise that her family was more important than her. This made her change drastically, and she left school early, to help look after her father.


Gwendoline might not have grown up to be the person she was if it weren't for her mother. Her mother constantly spoils her and believes everything Gwendoline says. Gwendoline is very selfish and concieted and only care about herself. She pushed her father to breaking point, so that she could go to finishing school, and in the fourth form she deceived her parents, by saying that she was ill from having a weak heart.This shows that despite her selfishness she was very determined, scrupulous and clever when she badly wanted her own way. When her father became ill, she changed herself drastically and she stopped being deluxe.