The Head of Form is the girl in charge of the form. She can tell people to be quiet at night and is supposed to report people if they have done something wrong (but not tell tales).

A Good Head GirlEdit

Most people at Malory Towers believe that a good head girl should be strong, self confident and (not necessarily) forthright. She should be able to keep order and not show partiality in her decisions. A good Head Of Form must not allow her powers to go to her head and allow herself to become domineering. Most head girls are shown to be quite kind.

Notable Head GirlsEdit

Katherine Edit

Head Girl of the First Form: She is described as a dark brown girl who is quiet in nature. Not much is known about her, but she was in the third form by the time Darrell was in the second.

Sally Hope Edit

Head Girl of the Second Form and the Fourth Form (temporarily): Sally was always a calm, rational and trustworthy Head Girl that the others could depend on.

Moira Linton Edit

Head Girl of the Fifth Form: Moira became Head Girl after being left down in the fifth form. She was domineering and not very popular though she got more admiration and liking after saving June from being expelled.

Darrell Rivers Edit

Head Girl of the Fourth Form (temporarily removed) and the Sixth Form: Darrell was a cheerful, jolly Head Girl who was almost never too serious or disciplinary. However, Darrell did occasionally lose her temper and become violent and angry, which lead to her temporary resignation as Head Girl of the Fourth Form.

Felicity Rivers Edit

Head Girl of the Third Form and the Sixth Form: Felicity was a calm, steady, dependable Head Girl. At first, she felt overshadowed by her sister Darrell and was nervous about being a leader, but after a short while, Felicity learned to trust herself and became a successfull Head Girl in her own right.

Pamela Edit

Head Girl of the Second Form and the Fifth Form: Pamela is kind,trustful and helpful, and well liked among the girls in her form. She is sensible and a head girl to take notice of as she is a sport and helps people in any way she can.

Susan Blake Edit

Susan was a great head girl because she was helpful and kind but not domineering, although she was described as lacking a little tact.