Lizzie Mannering
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Blue
School information
Tower North Tower
Other information
Personality Serious


Appearances Goodbye, Malory Towers!
Lizzie Mannering is one of the girls at Malory Towers who was featured in Goodbye at Malory Towers. Lizzie is portrayed in the book as studious, serious and always studying. It was also written that Lizzie was moved up from the fifth form to the sixth, when Felicity Rivers was Head Girl.

Basic Information Edit

Lizzie started at Malory Towers when she was about 13-14 years old. In the book, according to herself she was kept at Malory Towers by charity. She had no father, so her mother had to work and her Uncle Charles paid for her fees, uniform etc. Then when Lizzie was in the fifth-form, she was made head-girl of the form. However, when Miss Grayling explained to Felicity why Lizzie was suddenly put up in the sixth, she told her that Lizzie's home life was not easy, and so Lizzie hadn't been entirely successful as head of the form. When Lizzie moved up, at the age of probably 16, her young sister Edith was featured in the first form. In Edith's first appearance in the book, Lizzie catches Edith laughing with Daffy Hope and Katie, and scolds her later. Lizzie also has doubts about Daffy Hope as she is afraid Daffy will distract Edith from her studies.

Lizzie gives poor Edith a bad time for example:

  • When she heard that June asked Edith to be in the swimming gala, Lizzie tried every way to make Edith not go, for she fears this will distract Edith.
  • Lizzie found out that the first formers were holding a midnight feast and tries to stop it. Edith knows that her sister is trying to spoil the feast, and was about to lock her in the shed at midnight when she saw Miss Lacey (Daisy the maid in disguise) doing what Edith was intentionally going to do to Lizzie.
  • Lizzie also got cross with Edith for mentioning to Uncle Charles after half-term that she was in the swimming-gala.

Nevertheless, Uncle Charles tells Lizzie and Edith that their mother was mistaken and of course he doesn't expect to be repaid by money - only by making the most out of their time at Malory Towers, working hard and playing hard too. Lizzie is very ashamed and humiliated, when she thinks of the scoldings she gave Edith. Lizzie makes a friendship with Alice Johnson, and later becomes an all-rounded person.

Trivia Edit

  • In Goodbye at Malory Towers, Lizzie was described with dark hair in a thick plait over a shoulder, bright blue eyes and clear skin. It was also mentioned "if only Lizzie didn't look so serious all the time!"
  • It is predicted that Lizzie may be a future Head Girl of Malory Towers, as Miss Grayling said, if she learned the things she needed to learn.