Basic Information Edit

Moira not very popular with her old form therefore she was to stay down in the fifth form and live with the new fifth formers such as Darrell. As Moira had already been in the fifth form she was to be joint head girl.

The fifth form were required to make a pantomime and the rehearsals didn’t go to plan as Moira was co-producer and there was a few people dropping out because she rubbed everyone the wrong way. Because of her nature and personality she wasn’t very popular throughout the school and she even got sent poisonous letters from June. Moira redeems herself by saving June from being expelled so she becomes heroine of the school.

Personality Edit

Moira was usually described as opinionated and domineering. She had a crisp and curt sort of which made most people automatically obey her. Moira was very confident with leadership which was why she appointed herself as directed but the others wanted Betty.