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Old & NewEdit

When Felicity is leaving for her sixth and final term Darrell says, 'Enjoy every second of it,' and they talk about the one faliure in Darrell's form, Gwen. She also says to Felicity, 'you might see me there,' and Felicity is confused by what she means.


The reunionEdit

Gwen, Mavis, Daphne, Mary-Lou, Sally, Darrell, Alicia, all join back together for a old girls reunion. Gwen is having some trouble as her classroom was ransacked, her bedroom was messed up, and she was acussed of locking a sixth former, Lizzie, in the shed. They suspect it is Daisy, the maid who has been there since htey were in the fifth form. They leave out Mavis's fake diamond necklace, and Daisy picks it up, and they catch her! Daisy gets expelled from Malory Towers, and Gwen is safe. They later realize, a sixth former in Felicity's form, Amy had given Daisy some expesnive perfume to make up for not saying anything to Miss Potts. It was Amy's turn to do flower arranging, and she brought in her admirer, Violet, a first former. Daisy saw them, and Amy gave her perfume for a vow of silence. Darrell and her friends enjoy the three days they have. Darrell and Alicia cheer for Felicity and June during the display, as Darrell's parents cannot make it. I am making a university series, and if you have any ideas, please let me know.