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Sally Hope is the older sister of Daphne "Daffy" Hope, by at least twelve years. Sally first started at Malory Towers when she was twelve, and was placed into North Tower. She is best friends with Darrell Rivers and is close with almost all the other girls in her dorm. Sally is moderate at her classes and is fairly good at sports. Sally is quite popular with her form, but is sometimes classed as boring, because of her dislike for some of Alicia's tricks. When Sally became head girl of the second form, she was suprised. In her sixth year, she was elected sports captain of the whole school.

Personality and traitsEdit

At first Sally appeared sulky and rude, as she was depressed and jealous of her little, baby sister, Daphne Hope.

But later her true self began to emerge, and she was no longer the closed-up girl she once was.

Sally is a very sensible, kind, good-hearted, merry, responsible girl.

Despite her good nature, Sally has one big failing, and that is jealousy. Sally easily gets jealous over Darrell's other friendships and gets upset when her parents don't pay her as much attention as they used too, like when young Daffy joined the family.

Later on after Malory Towers, Sally goes to University with Darrell, Betty and Alicia. Whilst there she trains to become a primary school teacher.

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Darrell Rivers

Alicia Johns

Gwendoline Mary Lacey

Mavis Allyson

Daphne Turner


Belinda Morris


Jean Macdonald, (formely.)

Ellen Wilson, (formely.)

Zerelda Brass, (formely.)

Clarissa Carter

Wilhelmina "Bill" Robinson

Ruth Batten

Connie Batten, (formely.)

Amanda Chartelow

Catherine Gray



Katherine, (formely.)

Violet, (formely.)

Emily Lake, (formely.)

Maureen Little

Moira Linton