Plot Edit

Basic Information Edit

Darrell returns to Malory Towers, this time taking her younger sister Felicity with her. At the station, Darrell introduces Felicity to Alicia who in turn introduces her younger cousin June to Darrell. Darrell does not wants June to be friends with Felicity because June is very bold and brazen. New girls include Connie and Ruth Batten and The "Honorable" Clarissa Carter. Soon Darrell is announced to be the head of the form.

Other Notable Events Edit

  • A midnight feast of the upper fourth which ends in Felicity and June joining.
  • shaking of June in the music room and Darrell being demoted.
  • Felicity breaking her friendship with June and becoming best friends with Susan.
  • Gwendoline's pretend weak heart.
  • Some of Connie's things being destroyed by Ruth.