Zerelda Brass
Hair colour Brass
School information
Tower North Tower
Year joined Fourth Form (later demoted to third)
Other information
Personality Pleasant

Zerelda Brass is a pretty American girl who joins Malory Towers while Darrell Rivers is in the Third Form. Zerelda first sees herself as an actress. She is said to have a curly mane of brass coloured hair. At first, she is admired by Gwendoline Lacey.

Zerelda is quite a pleasant girl, although she has a tendency to become bored when those around her are discussing matters unrelated to hair, clothing and film stars.

Zerelda likes to believe she is a wonderfully talented actress, however, in reality she is quite a dismal failure. Gwendoline tells her she is a great actres because she wants to make Zerelda her friend. However, Zerelda is later told she only thinks about how she looks as the character and not who the character is. She speaks with a drawl and says Gee and Wunnerful a lot. She leaves Malory Towers when Darrell's form go up to the Fourth Form.